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Live events on your platform.

Bring the fun and excitement of shared events to your community, on your platform, with Civil Live. Our software lets your users connect with each other in real-time, without management headaches. And it all happens on your site, where the full experience is yours to control.

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civil comments

Your comments can be civil.

Civil is the best comment platform for connecting people on your site. Our customers host thousands of spam-free, abuse-free public conversations every day, thanks to Civil’s patent-pending “rate before you post” feature. Whether you’re building a new community, or improving the community you already have, Civil’s software will help you create the best for your users.

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Why Civil?

Civil’s simple-to-install software seriously reduces the time you spend managing people and putting out fires. Our brilliant “rate before you post” technology gives people the real-world structure they need to bring out their best... there’s a reason WIRED called us “the online equivalent of taking ten deep breaths before picking a fight.”

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Seamless Integrations

Works with your user accounts and analytics. Request an integration.

  • Single Sign On
  • Word Press
  • Google Analytics
  • Adobe Analytics
  • The Coral Project
  • Arc Publishing
  • Slack
  • Drupal