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Get Civil is your source for a variety of law and paralegal information across all U.S. states.

Our blog primarily focuses on civil law, covering business and corporate law, family law, consumer law and property law. Each post we provide is meticulously researched to ensure we provide only accurate information for people who need to learn more about the law, from the theories to the complex processes involved.

Although we focus on legal topics, please DO NOT take any information here as legal advice.

Our articles serve only as a general guide to topics relating to the law —  not to individual circumstances. For that, you’ll need to solicit the services of an attorney who can objectively give you legal advice.

We may also, from time to time, publish news relevant to civil law practice. This may cover legal tech and how technologies are changing the way the justice system operates.

Our writers and guest bloggers make sure that every piece of information we publish is accurate and comes from reliable sources, like research papers and state legal websites. Whenever possible, our team also consults with legal professionals to verify our research and come up with relevant and interesting topics.

Paul Davidson and Kara Taylor are the primary writers of our site. Paul is a paralegal by day and Kara is a law student. Both have a passion for sharing their knowledge of the law.

We’re passionate about bringing you the most interesting and informational legal blog articles on the web. Bookmark getcivil.com today to get fast access to our content.

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