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Protecting Your Legal Interests as a Business Owner

As a business owner, knowing how to protect your business legally is essential. Your company could face several potential risks, and if you’re not well-prepared, you could face serious legal consequences. So, if you’re not already familiar with the legal risks that your business could face, now is the time to start learning about them.

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Eight Common Legal Problems Logistic Companies Face

The logistics industry is vital to the American economy, handling the transportation and storage of goods across the country. The industry employs thousands of people and generates billions of dollars in revenue each year. It’s a trillion-dollar industry and one that is growing fast because of globalization. As more and more businesses expand their operations

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How to Address Employee Issues Promptly

As a manager, you have to deal with employee issues at some point in your career. It is important to address these issues promptly before they get worse and lead to a full-blown meltdown. The key is to deal with the issue head-on, calmly and rationally. This will require some effort on your part, but

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What Will Happen to Your Business During Divorce?

While divorce can be an extremely stressful time, it’s important to remember that the judge presiding over your case isn’t out to get you or to make your life more complicated than it already is. They’re merely trying to ensure that both you and your spouse are treated fairly and decisions are made in the

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Knowing When to Use Mediation to Resolve Disputes

Although a business’s first concern typically covers product development, service improvement, and increasing profit margins, there’s more to business management than simply turning a profit every quarter. And of the more common problems that most companies will eventually run into during their operations are disputes, with some cases quickly settled over a fair amount and

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Knowing How to Protect Yourself and Your Data

The use of the internet is growing rapidly. In terms of looking for a job, more business owners are using this channel to seek potential job applicants. As a seeker that applies for a job posting online, you should know how to safeguard yourself from unwanted data usage. Nowadays, many hackers can steal a person’s details

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Trademark Bullies: How to Handle Them and Prevent Being One

Giant corporations are now constantly facing competition from startup companies that bring modern products, services, and applications to the masses. These small businesses are backed by a changing attitude in how consumers purchase products and avail of services. Added to this, consumers nowadays prefer companies with values. They want brands that operate with a purpose.

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Common Legal Errors Startups Need to Avoid

According to statistics collected by startup publication Failory, 9 out of 10 startups fail, with 10% of them failing in the first year alone. When it comes to launching or managing a startup, even the slightest errors can put the company at risk. Unfortunately, there are still several common legal mistakes that some startup founders

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Why Is Arbitration Better for Offices?

Internal disputes should be ideally dealt with in the most discreet manner. This is to avoid creating unnecessary disruptions in the workplace. Businesses can look into alternative dispute resolution to dodge litigation expenses while preventing the release of sensitive information externally. One type of alternative dispute resolution is arbitration. What is Arbitration? Arbitration is an alternative

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The Legal Matters That Affect Business Partnerships

Business partners share capital, resources, skills, and time. Many successful businesses have started because of partnerships. Facebook is a popular company born out of the skills and investments of Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz, and Chris Hughes. Though they have different levels of contributions to the platform, only Zuckerberg remains to be

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