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Protecting Your Children When Your Marriage Is Ending

Do you know that more than the issue of co-parenting and marriage problems, the one thing that most people don’t realize when a marriage is ending is how the children are analyzing what happened? Forget about them going back and forth between their newly separated parents’ houses. Divorce is so normal these days that it’s actually easy

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What You Should Never Do If You Get Arrested

Many probable causes will warrant an arrest by the authorities. It could be that a person was seen robbing or assaulting another individual in public. And it could be because someone was caught selling drugs to minors. Or it could be that a motorist ran from driving under the influence or a DUI charge. But

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Common Legal Errors Startups Need to Avoid

According to statistics collected by startup publication Failory, 9 out of 10 startups fail, with 10% of them failing in the first year alone. When it comes to launching or managing a startup, even the slightest errors can put the company at risk. Unfortunately, there are still several common legal mistakes that some startup founders

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personal injury

Expecting the Unexpected: A Guide to Personal Injury Cases

Most people won’t believe that something bad can happen to them until it does, and by then, it would be too late to prepare for what’s to come. When people aren’t prepared or even familiar with how the events could play out, they may let themselves get carried away by their heightened emotions. This is

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Laws You Need to Know about Your Medical Needs

Healthcare is an important industry in the US. It garners trillions of dollars in revenue every year by serving the populace. However, oftentimes we find many lawsuits against hospitals and pharmacies. Oftentimes, we see these lawsuits fail. We must examine laws regarding our medical needs as citizens and how the government can help us when

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child support

Child Support in New Mexico: How Much Will It Cost for Parents?

Often, divorce isn’t as simple as signing up the papers and dividing the assets. If children are involved, both parties may have to sit down and talk about child custody and support. The rules for both can vary between states. Take, for example, how to calculate child support. Parents need to choose between Worksheets A

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Is a Prenup Worth Your Peace of Mind?

Indeed, there’s no such thing as a perfect marriage. No matter how much two people are in love with one another, their union is bound to be tested by disagreements and trials. The problem is many couples are calling it quits and divorcing. Statistics show about 50% of marriages in America end up in divorce. Worse, the

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The Legal Matters That Affect Business Partnerships

Business partners share capital, resources, skills, and time. Many successful businesses have started because of partnerships. Facebook is a popular company born out of the skills and investments of Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz, and Chris Hughes. Though they have different levels of contributions to the platform, only Zuckerberg remains to be

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Employment Repercussions: How an Arrest Can Affect Your Career

When one gets arrested, many worries will cloud your mind. You will worry about your family’s needs, who will take care of your pets, your house, and other obligation. But one thing most people would worry about is their careers. When you are in jail, you will have a difficult time managing your finances. It

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