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fun & exciting tools

We’ve added features like automatic friend detection, shared emoji reactions, and abuse-free chat — all enhanced when your visitors bring more people along with them.

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sharable highlights

Extend the show. Automatically generated highlight clips enable effortless sharing that lets users relive the experience after the show is over.

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messaging opportunities

Create the experience you want through immersive interstitials, custom emoji and fully branded video players that also ensure brand protection and a safe experience for your users.

Scalable Technology

We’re using the same video infrastructure as Periscope, enabling us to host millions of concurrent sessions at once — so no worries about capactity or a slow experience.

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easy to manage

Civil’s patent-pending behavior features are built-in, so your users have a safe and fun experience without any management headaches.

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embeddable & customizable

All Civil products are built from the ground-up to be flexible and customizable, allowing you to tailor them to seamlessly fit into your site and brand.

Detailed Analytics

Detailed automatic report as soon as the event ends, with in-depth analytics and suggestions for improvements.

Currently in beta with select partners

Bring the fun and excitement of shared events to your community, on your platform, with Civil Live. Our software lets your users connect with each other in real-time, without management headaches. And it all happens on your site, where the full experience is yours to control.

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