Our mission is to make online discussion and debate work for everyone.


We build embeddable user engagement platforms where people from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures can share and discuss news and entertainment.


Civil encourages people to have spirited, but Civil, conversations with others they may not agree with.


We help large media and consumer brands reach and engage with new and existing audiences without enabling harassment and abuse.

What’s Different about Civil?

We’re a nimble team of experienced designers and software developers working to extinguish trolling and abuse on the internet. We bring a humanistic approach to the problem, creating behavior-based, self-moderated solutions that help people identify the bad behavior of others, and in the process improve upon their own.

What You Can Do with Civil

We’ll help you create destinations for content and conversations that people love to use and share with their network. You’ll have greater engagement, access to detailed analytics and business insights that you can use to improve your customers’ experiences across the board.

Want to Learn More?

We love to talk about making it easier for everyone to participate in online discussions and debates. If you'd like to learn more, please get in touch!

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